Being a fan of 'The wolf among us' and of the 'Fables' comics, I wanted to created a special story dedicated to this amazing creation. Hope you like it.

Saturday, May 31, 2014


'I don't know what to do',  I stated feeling desperate and totally hopeless. I sat in The king's office realizing I was in more trouble than I could have ever imagined. We had been talking for hours and yet it seemed we could not find a solution to what had happened.
    The old man whom I called The king, looked at me, his thick grey eyebrows frowning with concern.
    'Someone might be able to help you,' he finally stated. 'He's...' he hesitated for a moment, 'he is a fine detective in a place called Fable town.'
    He opened a drawer and pulled out an envelope. He put it on his desk and looked at it. I realized he had planned this for a while but obviously had been having doubts whether to do it or not. 'Take this letter to him. Make him read it and he you.'
    'You don't seem very sure.'
    'He's a...he can be very angry sometimes. He's feared in his town and...well...he can be a true bastard when he wants to.'
    'What's his name?'
    'They call him Bigby in the Big Bad Wolf.' He looked at me as if awaiting my outburst.
    'Wait...big bad...fable town...' I had heard of these names before. It was a place where The king had lived and hated. 'You're sending me to a town filled with....cartoons?'
    'Fairy tale folks. They are more real than you think. Besides...' He gave me a look and I understood. He wanted to say that I was no normal person myself.
    'And...big bad wolf? That's the creature that's going to help me?'
    'Cam, he's closer to your nature than you think.'
    'How so?'
    'Wolf, Camelia. He's a wolf, but walks as a man.'
    I sighed.  'He's only a part of what I am.'
    He stared at me. I sensed pity in his eyes.
    'All right then, where do I go?' I eventually gave up. What other choice did I have?
    'My men will take you there. If there is anyone that can save you my child then it's Bigby. Pray he helps you in this matter! If not then I am afraid we are both doomed.'

Chapter 1: Who the fuck are you?

I said goodbye to The king, the castle, the place I felt safe in and the chambers that were supposed to keep me away from human kind and the mess it had brought me into. The king's men took me with a private jet to...Fable town. A long journey...too long... but the search was yet to start.

    After we landed, I was dropped off by a cab in front of an apartment building called 'The woodland'...
    It was dark and the streets were as good as deserted. I was facing huge gate doors leading to an inner garden. They were open so I entered. The door to the building itself was open as well and there was a man at his desk, sleeping, snoring, with no care in the world. I passed him by and went for the elevator leading to Mr. Wolf's apartment. The king had said that I should check the apartment first and then go to Mr. Wolf's office if I could not find him. But it was important to check his apartment first because this matter needed all the discretion in the world.

    I knocked at Mr. Wolf's apartment door. Nothing. I looked at my watch and realized it was past midnight. Time meant so little to me. And yet patience was not one of my virtues. I saw a window at the end of the hallway and decided to climb through it and take a peek in his apartment. Spy on a sleeping detective...not one of my brightest ideas.

I had climbed through the window and was now trying to peek through the window in the tiny apartment. I could see nothing, I sensed no movement, heard no sound expect for some snoring that did not sound quite human or...wolfish...My curiosity took over and made me enter the apartment through the tiny window.
    I stepped slowly, looking around me. Not that there was much to see anyway...expect for the...pig sleeping on an old chair...snoring...never heard a pig snore before....never seen a pig sleep on a chair either....I did not dare wake him up. I was not sure how it would react, hell, I was not sure how I would react! My only hope was to find Mr. Wolf in his office.

I climbed back through the window and reached the hallway again. I knew the office was in this very same building so I followed the instructions The king had given me.
    I found his office: B. Wolf, yep, it really stated that. Until now I actually hoped that this whole whole story on wolves and fables was that I saw the name I realized was real, this was an actual name: B. Wolf, this was an actual person. He existed!
    I tried to enter but the door was locked. Great!
    I turned around and faced a strange looking man with one white eye. He smiled at me and that only made him look worse. I moved out of his way not keeping my eyes off of him and was on my way I thought. I bumped into someone and heard liquid spill on the floor.
    'Damn it!' I heard the man curse. The white eyed man grinned at me and left. I was left with whoever was cursing behind my back. I turned around. I had hit a man who was holding a cup of coffee, half its content now spilled on the floor and on his shirt and tie.
    'Watch where you're heading idiot!' He spat at me. Great, one eyed freak OUT and one hot headed moron IN. The man kept frowning at me. I stared at him.
    'Are you just gonna stand there like an idiot and block my way too?'
    I moved aside and saw him...unlock the office door...
    'Are you...Mr. Wolf?' I didn't want to know the answer.
    'No, I'm the fucking toothfairy!' He entered the room, slammed the door in my face and pulled the blinds down.
    I stood there facing a closed door. I felt alone, lost. This was the man who was going to help me? This was the man who could understand what I was going through? The big bad wolf? This idiot was my only hope?
    I sighed and knocked on the door. No answer. Of course.
    I slowly opened the door and peeked inside. He was sitting at his desk, tie and shirt stained but he seemed to forget all that now. He was concentrated on some documents, folders, looking at different things at the same time then writing stuff down. His whole desk was covered in papers, pictures and cigarettes. A cloud of smoke surrounded him.
    'If you want to apologize, get me a new coffee, black!' I said nothing. I took The king's envelope out of my bag and slowly placed it on the corner of his desk. He looked at it then he continued with his work.
   'Is that an apology letter?' I didn't react. He looked at me, sighed then grabbed the envelope and tore it open. He suddenly stopped as he unfolded the letter, three pages it seemed. He looked at me then at the letter again as if he recognized the handwriting.
   'Are you going to stand there while I read it?' he snapped.
   'I have no where else to go.' I blurted out. He lifted his head up and looked at me. He must have been...looked around 35, his hair was brown, up to his shoulders, messy, his eyes were dark brown, his eyebrows thick and messy as well...he looked tired. The cigarettes, the one in his hand, the dozen put out in the ashtray before him must have contributed to that fatigued look.
    'I have a chair.' He blinked at me then looked at the two chairs before him. 'You could...sit your ass on one of can pick the one you like,' he mocked. I sat on one of the chairs feeling like one of his...clients...did he even have any? I waited until he took his irritated eyes off of me and returned to his letter. This was going to be a long night.